Healthcare providers have to ensure the security coverage to protect the use of devices like remote printing and other mobile devices by their employees and also have to ensure that they are meeting the requirements. HIPPA compliance is important for Healthcare provider to ensure patient data security. Before the proliferation of the mobile devices, health care providers have enough security concerns to handle. If you’re not fully aware of HIPAA messaging compliance, visit  for further information. This is a very hot topic that all citizens should have clear knowledge of the law and regulations.

Patients data security: Physicians and patients would like to have mobile access to the data and providers have a number of threats from which they should shield their patients data and providing a balance. While upgrading and maintaining health system, HIPPA compliance is important. Healthcare industry can become more efficient by the use of electronic media for transmission of patient administrative data which is important to HIPPA compliance. The HIPPA(Health Insurance Portability and Accountability) was developed in 1996 and has become a part of social security act.


Texting in HIPPA compliant environment: Many physicians are turning to smartphone technologies(SMS) to improve communications with other hospitals and physicians and exposing themselves to unrecognized liabilities. Although text messaging has advantages when it comes to social communication it is very much of use in health care. Tracking down a physician for response at the hospital by a nurse takes 60 minutes of a days time which will be made easy using text messaging. But under (HIPPA) SMS messaging is nonsecure and noncompliant with safety and privacy regulations because the health information of the patients which are electronically protected remain unencrypted on any telecommunication providers servers which can be read, or forwarded to anyone from senders and on receiver’s phone.

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HIPPA Compliant Texting: AS guidelines are used for secure communication system.

HIPPA compliance requires a Secure Data centers: Patients data is stored in a Datacenter which can be an on-site or an offsite(cloud) data center by Health Care organizations. Data centers have to provide a level of physical security as required by HIPPA. They also require risk assessments on an ongoing basis.

Recipients Authentication: ePHI must be encrypted both at rest and transit and communication ePHI must be delivered to only to the intended recipient.

Audit controls: A messaging system must have the ability to create and record all the activity that contain ePHI.